Are you just breaking into the world of photography and need some guidance on branding, editing, and directing? Or are have you been in it for a while, but you’re in a creative rut and need to mix it up a bit? Either way, with personalized one on one mentoring, we can cover exactly what you need to for the stage you are in right now!

I’m an open book, so ask me anything!

Topic Ideas:

- Finding your own kick-ass style
Making presets work for you

- Getting real and honest emotion

- Directing without posing

- Skin Retouching
- Using Photoshop to step up your images
- Documenting a full wedding (from what images to capture and how to work in tricky locations, to fully prepping your clients and setting fair expectations)
- Workflow (from file uploading and organizing through to image delivery)

- Constructive feedback on anything in your business from websites and social media to pricing and e-mail responses


If you just have a couple of topics you’d like to go over, let’s meet over some delicious snacks and get to it! If you can’t make it out to Edmonton this session can be done via Skype as well. For our one on one session I will get you to send me some topics that you would like to cover beforehand, that way I can prepare some specific/personalized notes and examples so that we get the most out of our time together!



This Kick-Ass option includes time to thoroughly go over the topics of your choosing, plus we will be working with a real, super awesome couple so you can put everything into practice (and have images for your portfolio, getting you well on your way to collaborating with your own amazing couples!). We will then edit a selection of those images from start to finish so that you are comfortable with the entire workflow process!

$1250.00/6 Hours

Follow Up

Accountability is huge, in life and in business, so let's check back in a two to three months after your Basic or Kick-Ass mentoring session to make sure you and your business are continuing to move in a positive direction. This is the perfect opportunity to touch base on what you've implemented, what's working/not working for you, and to do a deeper dive on any topic we previously talked about.

Let's Make This Shit Happen!