Meet Jade

Let's Hang Out!

We can grab a coffee or go rock climbing.
Take your pups to the dog park or check out a greenhouse.
Whatever! I just wanna get to know you!


- I love to watch animes, especially with a glass of scotch in hand
- I love to travel (but really, who doesn't?!)
- I read like crazy (and am a huge Harry Potter nerd)
- I grew up dancing, so I've always been in the artistic world, and absolutely hate sitting still
- Nik and I have known each other for most of my life (27 years) and we want a huge family!
- I wish I could live off of sushi, iced chais, and m&m's (one can only dream)
- I love music, especially folk, and have been going to (and volunteering at) the Edmonton Folk Music Festival since I can remember
- I'm a new(ish) plant mom and am absolutely obsessed

Say 'Hey!'

Images by Katch Studios